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The Daily Plant : Tuesday, May 1, 2001


Juan (Care) Morales is the Bronx's Employee of the Month for April. Care began working for Parks on July 9, 1993 and is currently a CPW crew chief in District 7, which includes Williamsbridge Oval and St. James Park. Care is an independent and reliable WEP crew chief who has worked his way up the ranks. Under "Care's" care, District 7 has maintained cleanliness ratings of 92% acceptable so far this year. Care also recently performed some restoration work at Varian House. A conscientious and well-liked field supervisor, Care was nominated by Flash.

Lawrence (Bluesman) Chiarella is Brooklyn's Employee of the Month for April. Bluesman began at Parks on September 8, 1987 and currently serves as a CPW in District 13, Coney Island. Bluesman works with the Coney Island heavy duty fix it crew. Bleusman performs various ratings related repairs at playgrounds, and also to the boardwalks. Last fall, he also played an important role in preparations for the Irish Fair at Calvert Vaux Park. A skilled and hard working CPW, Bluesman takes the ratings program seriously and is an asset to the district. For his contributions to Brooklyn, Bluesman was nominated by Liberty.

Mazie L. (Amber) Tindal is Capital Projects' Employee of the Month for April. Amber began at Parks on September 6, 1988 and currently works as a contract assistant in consultant procurement, where she tracks consultant work orders and assists with pass-throughs and special procurements. Amber has been focusing lately on the Flushing Meadows Corona Park Pool and Rink, an exciting project that represents the first new large pool that Parks has opened in four decades. She has performed extensive work on this $26 million project and has helped move the pool through the public hearing and approval process. A focused and diligent worker, Amber was nominated by Cheshire.

Carlyne (Panther) Ruban is Citywide Services' Employee of the Month for April. Panther began with Parks on June 11, 1998 as a PEP officer in Battery Park City. After a successful PEP tour, she moved to administration and is currently an Assistant to Oiseau. In her current role, she is involved with all aspects of the UPS operation, including scheduling, correspondence and budgeting. Her primary responsibility is coordinating UPS purchasing. She has instituted a stricter and more thorough system for tracking and monitoring expenditures. In addition, Panther recently led the effort to redesign and purchase new short sleeve polo shirts in time for the summer season for PEP and the Rangers. Thorough and committed, Panther was nominated by Oiseau.

Gerard J. (Vineyard) Murphy is Management's Employee of the Month for April. Vineyard began at Parks on December 20, 1999. Vineyard currently works as an analyst with Budget. Vineyard prepares a series of important budget and personnel reports including monthly headcount reports for each division, APSW and WEP Crew Chief tracking, and Parks Annual Spending Plans. Vineyard also enters and tracks Budget Modifications in FMS, and assists with Comptroller requests, CHRMES (Citywide Human Resource Management System), and other fiscal reports. A skilled and smart addition to Budget, Vineyard was nominated by StarkEast.

John (The Hawk) Rohan is Manhattan's Employee of the Month for April. Hawk began at Parks on October 16, 1984, and currently works as a SPMO for Manhattan shops. Hawk supervises the Dig Crew, and other M&O field titles that work from the Shops. These crews perform construction type projects and assist the trades. Hawk played a particularly helpful role in event preparations for this year's Easter Eggstravaganza in Central Park. He and his crew are hard at work behind the scenes at this and many other Manhattan events. Organized and versatile, Hawk has made a substantial contribution to Manhattan. He was nominated by Spartina.

Leslie (Keymaster) Jones is Queens' Employee of the Month for April. Keymaster began at Parks on August 18, 1997 and currently works as an assistant PACT coordinator in Queens. Keymaster coordinates projects with Queens operations, and produces monthly site count reports that keep track of PACT participants all over the borough. He helps organize informational workshops and training classes, and oversees and trains two PACT clerical workers. During emergencies, Keymaster works closely with forestry and maintenance to provide support from PACT. Keymaster also offers personalized attention to PACT participants, helping them find private sector jobs. Dependable and hard working, Keymaster was nominated by Chaparral.

Vyacheslav (Slavic) Bovtko is Staten Island's Employee of the Month for April. Slavic began at Parks on May 14, 1999 and currently works as a CPW in District 3, which includes Conference House Park and Lemon Creek Park. His hard work has helped District 3 maintain 100% cleanliness ratings since his arrival. In the summer, he steps up to APSW and operates a Beach King and Packer to help keep District 3's shoreline clean. Slavic also assists with graffiti removal in the district. A self-starter and excellent worker, he was nominated by Radio Bob.

Ariel G. (Kodiak) Behr is Commissioner's Employee of the Month for April. Kodiak began with Parks on August 3, 1998. Kodiak began as a Program Coordinator for our Computer Resource Centers (CRC) and is now the Director. Kodiak has played a leading role in the development and growth of our 16 CRCs in recreations centers citywide. Through CRC, over 2,000 adults and kids learn about the Internet and are trained in basic computer applications. Kodiak also spearheads our summer Silicon Park computer competitions for kids, and is creating new Tech Teams at St. John's and Jackie Robinson Centers where kids work on their own web sites. CRC is an exciting start-of-the-art program for Parks, which has thrived thanks to Kodiak's enthusiasm, hard work and skill. For her dedication to CRC and Recreation, Kodiak was nominated by Iceman.

Prepared by Keith (Kermit) Kerman, Chief of Operations

(Tuesday, May 3, 1988)


Despite Saturday's ominous weather, more than 2,000 volunteers in all five boroughs came out and stayed out to clean, paint, plant and prune their neighborhood parks and playgrounds as part of the 1988 spring "Green-up Day."


"Good speed to your youthful valor, boy! So shall you scale the stars!"

Virgil (70-19 B.C.)

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