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The Daily Plant : Wednesday, October 3, 2001


Miguel (The Don) Rivera is Bronx’s Employee of the Month for September.The Don joined Parks as a WEP worker on June 17, 1997 and became a full-time CPW on March 28, 1999. He currently works in District 2, which includes Bill Rainey Park. The Don is a dedicated and capable worker, able to handle equipment and vehicles from hedge trimmers to mini packers. His work has helped District 2 maintain 100% Overall Condition and Cleanliness ratings throughout the busy summer months. Miguel also assisted with the revitalization of Reverend Polite Playground. He helped re-paint benches, play equipment and fences. Hard working and conscientious, The Don was nominated by SPMO Ralph Frissora.

Portia J. (Avalon) Cook is Brooklyn’s Employee of the Month for September. Avalon joined Parks on August 28, 2000 and currently works as the Requirement Contracts Coordinator in Brooklyn. Avalon works closely with Park Managers to identify sites for capital improvement. She performs site visits and maintains close contact with contractors. Her recent projects include Brooklyn Bridge Park and the Brooklyn Promenade. In August, Avalon obtained a $30,000 grant for new bleacher slats at Wingate Park. She has worked on 26 Greenstreets sites in the past year, with plans for 22 more in the fall. She also oversees the Parks Store in Brooklyn. A valuable new Parkie in Brooklyn, Avalon was nominated by Laurence (Checker) Major.

Gerard E. (Counterpoint) Castagna is Capital Projects’ Employee of the Month for September. Counterpoint joined Parks on August 20, 1973 and currently works as the Project Manager for Brooklyn in Capital’s Budget unit. Counterpoint works closely with the Office of Management and Budget, the City Council and the Borough President’s Office to secure funds for Brooklyn capital projects. In the past year, Counterpoint has helped spearhead projects at the Brooklyn Height’s Promenade and McGuire Park House. Recently, he helped prepare Parks’ September Capital Plan, which provides OMB an update on Parks capital projects and a wish list for additional funding. For his service to Capital and Brooklyn, Counterpoint was nominated by Gus (Kouros) Anagnostakos.

Clifford (PartsMan) Adams is Citywide Services’ Employee of the Month for September. PartsMan joined Parks on May 13, 1985 and currently works as the stock supervisor at the 5-Boro Operations Storehouse and Parts Room. In the last two years, PartsMan has played a lead role in achieving dramatic improvements in parts management. These improvements include reducing on-hand inventory by $261,000 or 46%, and reducing auto-parts expenditures by 27%. PartsMan has also helped implement the new MCMS system, the Parts Plus contract, and conduct a clean-up effort at the storehouse. Under pressure and on-the-spot whenever the call for parts goes out, PartsMan meets the challenge and remains an important resource at 5-Boro. He was nominated by Kermit.

Ya-Ting (Frisbee) Chang is Management’s Employee of the Month for September. Frisbee joined Parks on July 18, 2000. She currently works as an analyst at Budget where she monitors Parks’ $50 million per year in OTPS (Other Than Personnel Service) expenditures. Frisbee coordinates all budget modifications for the agency along with City Council add-ons and Special Events donations. She works on the city subsidy to the Central Park Conservancy and the Wildlife Conservation Society. Her analysis helped increase WCS funding by over $1 million per year. She is Parks’ liaison to OMB for the Monthly Variance Report, and recently played a key role in preparing for the 1st Annual Chess-In-The-Parks Rapid Open at Bethesda Fountain. For her focus and initiative, Frisbee was nominated by StarkEast and Bullets.

Frank (Cheech) Mazzuca is Manhattan’s Employee of the Month for September. Cheech joined Parks on June 17, 1985 and currently works as a SPMO in District 10, which includes Jackie Robinson Park and Recreation Center. Cheech has helped District 10 achieve 97% cleanliness and 87% overall ratings so far in 2001. Cheech also served this summer as one of 3 borough-wide pool coordinators for Manhattan, helping thousands of New Yorkers young and old cool off from the heat. For his contributions to Manhattan, Cheech was nominated by Lee (General) Henry.

Frank (Trimmer) Tulino is Queens’ Employee of the Month for September. Trimmer joined Parks on January 12, 1987, and currently works as a WEP Crew Chief in District 11, which includes Alley Pond Park. Trimmer has demonstrated strong leadership and supervisory skills which have helped District 11 achieve an Overall Condition rating of 96.6% and Cleanliness rating of 100% through this year’s busy summer season. Trimmer pays special attention to landscape features, and ensures that Alley Pond Park’s shrubs and lawns are always neatly trimmed and manicured. For his dedicated service in District 11, Trimmer was nominated by Lamb.

Robert (Valley) Dale is Staten Island’s Employee of the Month for September. Valley joined Parks on May 22, 2000 and currently works as a CPW in District 2, which includes La Tourette and Willow Brook Parks. Valley has quickly distinguished himself as a dedicated worker, working well with park goers, and always willing to rearrange his schedule in order to accommodate special events. Valley’s attention to ratable details has helped District 2 achieve an Overall Condition and Cleanliness rating of 97.4% for the summer months. A conscientious and valuable new employee, Valley was nominated by Anthony (Archway) Arcamone.

Alessandro G. (Black Cloud) Olivieri is the Commissioner’s Employee of the Month for September.Black Cloud began with Parks on December 1, 1997 as Parks Advocate. In that role, Black Cloud developed E-Pass, a computerized database of employees’ disciplinary histories, and he improved the everyday operation of the Advocate’s Office. Black Cloud also launched a monthly report of disciplinary statistics, which analyzed trends in employee supervision. In 2000, Black Cloud was promoted to Parks Counsel. While building a strong team of new lawyers, he has overseen the drafting of revised special events guidelines, concessions revenue legislation, and license agreements and contracts with the Trust for Public Land and TBTA. Accessible, focused and fair, Black Cloud is a key member of Parks’ senior management team.

By Keith T. (Kermit) Kerman and Sarah (Cria) Coleman


(Wednesday, October 5, 1988)



Attention all beachcombers! Parks cordially invites you to "make a clean sweep" of city shores on Saturday, October 8, as part of the second National Beach Clean-Up Day. This is the first year that Parks is participating in the bi-coastal initiative, sponsored by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation in cooperation with the American Littoral Society, the Audubon Society, the Sierra Club, Pine Woods Protectors, and the Gateway National Recreation Area.

"This is a first step in fighting the war against beach pollution," said Commissioner Stern. "And I am pleased that Parks, which has jurisdiction over more than 14 miles of New York City beaches, is participating this year in a nationwide Beach Clean-Up Day. Waste and debris plaguing our shores is both a regional and national problem of devastating impact."


"Listen! the wind is rising,
and the air is wild with leaves,
We have had our summer evenings,
now for October eves!

Humbert Wolfe (1885-1940)

Directions to William F. Passannante Ballfield

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