Westerleigh Park

Willard Ave., Springfield Ave., Maine Ave., Neal Dow Ave.

Staten Island

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Although a relatively small square within a big island, Westerleigh Park plays a large role in its community as the site of countless school performances, field trips, dance lessons, art exhibits, seasonal festivals, and holiday performances.

The neighborhood of Westerleigh, and more specifically, the 25 acres purchased by the National Prohibition Campground Association in 1887, attracted attention in the late 19th century when it became a summer gathering ground for leaders and followers of the temperance movement.  In addition to the recreational activities on and in its courts, fields, bowling alleys, ponds, and stables, the campground was the site of meetings, religious services, and lectures.  In fact, former president Theodore Roosevelt and straightforward populist William Jennings Bryant spoke at the site. Eventually, Westerleigh became less of a summer resort and more of a residential neighborhood, and the site of Westerleigh Park was donated to the City in 1907.

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