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Washington Square Park


Alexander Lyman Holley Monument

  In Honor of Alexander Lyman Holley Foremost Among Those Whose Genius and Energy Established in America and Improved Throughout the World The Manufacture… Read More

George Washington Acccompanied by Fame and Valor

This marble statue depicts a resolute George Washington (1732–1799) as Commander-in-Chief. Standing in repose on the northern face of Washington Square Arch’s… Read More

George Washington Accompanied by Wisdom and Justice

This elaborate marble statue depicts American Revolutionary War General and President George Washington (1732–1799). Standing in stately repose before human… Read More

Giuseppe Garibaldi Monument

This monument is dedicated to General Giuseppe Garibaldi (1807–1882), the 19th century Italian patriot who crusaded for a unified Italy during the European era of… Read More

Shirley Hayes and the Preservation of Washington Square Park

In the early 1950s, the City of New York proposed running a four-lane, partially sunken roadway through the middle of Washington Square Park.  In February 1952, Mrs.… Read More

Directions to Washington Square Park

Know Before You Go

ParkWashington Square Park

NYC Parks is currently undergoing a thorough inspection of all trees in Washington Square Park. The last inspection occurred roughly two years ago and immediate hazards were identified and resolved. As of August 8, our Manhattan Forestry unit will be pruning approximately 270 trees over several days. Additionally, there will be one removal of a 32-inch pin oak with root rot in the northwest section of the park to ensure public safety.

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