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The Daily Plant : Friday, May 4, 2001


Dragon's Gate comfort station, located in Manhattan's Sara Delano Roosevelt Park, is undergoing extensive construction and restoration. It will house both Parks' Central Communications and Maintenance & Operations units, as well as provide public access restrooms to the community. Approximately 6,000 square feet, Dragon's Gate will contain a state of the art telecommunications system, offices, shower facilities, storage space, and public restrooms.

Dragon's Gate was Originally designed as a comfort station, and built in 1933. At that time, Sara Delano Roosevelt Park was recognized as one of the best parks in America. Over the years, the building fell into disrepair and was eventually closed to the public. In the early 90's, Parks leased the area around Dragon's Gate to a non-profit organization, University Settlement, which repaired the leaky roof and established a marketplace nearby.

In January 2001, Capital Design and Construction finalized plans to renovate the Dragon's Gate facility. In February, Construction, in conjunction with Building Requirements contractors Coppola Paving and Landscaping, Ral-Bar Electric, Lafata Corallo Plumbing, Jodinan Heating, and consultant Vollmer Associates, proceeded with the demolition and a subsequent reconstruction to meet building codes as well as the unique demands of a Central Communications headquarters. New features of Dragon's Gate include central heat and air condition, private shower facilities for Central Communication workers and a handicap access ramp to both the Central headquarters and the public restrooms. A new stairway from the main floor to the basement will allow two means of egress.

When Parks began reconstruction, Dragon's Gate was in an extremely deteriorated state. Extensive cleanup, including the removal of vegetative growth from the interior walls, was necessary. Most of the interior was gutted and remodeled, and many of the building's original features, such as 7-ft. x 13-ft. windows, were restored. At one point in time, the rear windows had been masked by a large mural, which stretched the entire length of the building. The mural has since been removed, and the new windows, which replicate the original 1930's style, are currently being installed. The reconstruction will also include new tile floors, roofing, exterior metal doors, and security screens.

This innovative project, performed under the direction of Chief Engineer John (Wildcat) Natoli's Building Requirements team, Dragon's Gate will allow for communication between Parks and NYC Police and Fire telecommunications units. Dragon's Gate will be open for Central Communications' staff this month. By mid-July, the public restrooms will also be in service. Building Requirements Program Director, David (D. Wolf) Martin, and his Deputy Director, Elicier (Lazer) Pertuz, are supervised the design and construction. In a related improvement to the site, Capital Projects recently awarded a new million dollar contract for the construction of a soccer field behind the Dragon's Gate comfort station.

By Noel (Cabana) Kopa


Once again it is time for Parks Softball, now entering its seventh fabulous year. Major bragging rights are up for grabs this year, with all previous champs tied with two winning seasons, Brooklyn (Seasons 1&2), Bronx (Seasons 3&5) and Manhattan (Seasons 4&6). Will Manhattan pull ahead and keep its title? Perhaps the newly formed Central Park Team will be the spoilers. Anything can happen, and everyone is welcome, so be sure to get involved.

We plan to begin competition in early June. All interested boroughs and divisions should contact Sarah (Cria) Coleman at (212) 360-8235 by Thursday, May 17 if they wish to enter as a team. All of the games will be held after work on Randall's Island. The league is co-ed, slow-pitch and open to all full time and active seasonal employees.

By Sarah (Cria) Coleman

(Friday, May 6, 1988)


Seventy-one Bronx Parkies descended on 3,764-acre Pelham Bay Park yesterday to launch a "5 x 5" clean-up and repair of the five-mile-long Pelham Bridle Path. The citywide "5 x 5" program, which began on March 18, 1987 in Highbridge Park in upper Manhattan, is the largest in-house maintenance campaign in decades to restore five major park sites in each of the five boroughs.


"O to be a dragon...
Felicitous phenomenon!"

Marianne Moore (1887-1972)

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