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The Daily Plant : Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Lower East Side Community Members Praise Park Manager and Parks Staff

Photo by Daniel Avila

The following is a letter written to District Manager Robert McLean from the Tompkins Square Dog Run Volunteer Manager on behalf of 125 Lower East Side community members.

August 4, 2009

Dear Robert,

We the undersign just wanted to take a minute to thank you for the sensational work you and the Parks Department have done throughout our district. Many of us are long time residents and stare in awe at the incredible changes taking place in the parks throughout our district. We never dreamed that our parks would ever be restored to their glory days—in fact, many believe our parks have never looked this good in our lifetime.

Your work in Tompkins Square Park is breathtaking. There are hundreds of new plantings, new specimen trees and beautifully tended gardens. Even the malls on Allen Street and Houston Street look better than ever. And not to forget to mention the continuing progress at Sara Roosevelt and Seward Parks.

Moreover your presence brings such joy to the folks who have met you. You are a true inspiration on volunteer days. Your energy is infectious and volunteers constantly tell me how much they learn from you, from the entire experience and can’t wait to return for the next volunteer day.

So often folks take it for granted when our parks are in great shape. They think nature just grew our parks this way. But as someone who has lived in the Lower East Side for generations, I can see firsthand the amazing changes you have brought in the past few years. Also please let this thanks extend to all the workers at Tompkins and Sara Roosevelt. Your staff brings such joy and dedication to their jobs and forever have a warm face for the community. We all notice. You guys are terrific!

I know the past year has been tough for all with budget cutbacks and smaller staffs. And more and more the community looks to their parks and neighborhood for enjoyment during these difficult economic times. Thank you so much for assuring we have the best community parks possible.

New Yorkers always expect the best from their public officials and administrators. You’ve brought the very best.

On behalf of us all, thank you.

Garrett Rosso
Volunteer Manager, Tompkins Square dog run


“Understanding the laws of nature does not mean that we are immune to their operations.”

David Gerrold
(1944 - )

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