Terrace Playground

Foote Ave., Howard Ave., Martha St., Clove Rd.

Staten Island

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This text is part of Parks’ Historical Signs Project and can be found posted within the park.

The City of New York acquired this property in 1951. That same year the Board of Estimate assigned the land to be jointly operated by Parks and the Board of Education. Since then, the futures of the playground and the school have been intertwined.

This playground was first named P.S. 35 Playground when it opened in 1953 and in 1986 Commissioner Stern changed its name to Clove Valley Playground to match the neighboring school. The Commissioner changed the name again on September 25, 1996 to Terrace Playground, which accents the most striking feature of this property’s design: three tiers, cut into the adjoining hill and forming terraces designed for use by different age groups. They are separated by plantings and connected by stairways to offer children a sense of both privacy and continuity. The top tier is for the youngest children and the bottom level for the oldest. The lowest level also serves as the school’s playground.

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