Sutton Place Park

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This statue is a replica of the bronze wild boar, also known as Porcellino, completed in 1634 by Renaissance sculptor Pietro Tacca (1557–1640). Tacca’s boar is in fact a model of a marble statue housed in the Uffizi Gallery in Florence, making this version a copy of a replica. The pedestal was designed by Ann Butter of the architectural firm Butter, Levine and Blumberg.

The piece, installed in 1972, was a gift from neighborhood philanthropist Hugh Trumbull Adams, through the Salute to Seasons Fund. Adams also donated an armillary sphere and sundial that was installed in 1971 in nearby Clara Coffey Park (Butter, Levine and Blumberg also served as architects on the piece). In addition. he donated the much-beloved statue of Peter Pan (created 1928, installed 1975) that is situated in Manhattan’s Carl Schurz Park.

Another notable replica of the boar sat on the desk of 42nd United States President Bill Clinton (born 1946). The statuette served as an homage to Clinton’s home state of Arkansas, which is famous for the razorback, a member of the same family of wild hogs.

Photo of Wild Boar statue in Sutton Place Park, Manhattan

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  • Boar (life size) on pedestal with a basin
  • Boar (life size) on pedestal with a basin
  • Boar (life size) on pedestal with a basin

Boar Details

  • Location: East 57th St & East River (east of Sutton Place)
  • Architect: Ann Butter, Levine & Blumberg
  • Description: Boar (life size) on pedestal with a basin
  • Materials: Boar--bronze; Pedestal--granite
  • Dimensions: Pedestal H: 2' W: 5'6" L: 6'10"
  • Cast: ca. 1972
  • Dedicated: Spring 1972
  • Fabricator: Pedestal: A. Ottavino Corp.
  • Donor: Hugh Trumbull Adams

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