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The Daily Plant : Wednesday, June 13, 2001


On Thursday, May 31, 2001, Parks held its 13th Annual Vehicle and Equipment Show. Over 80 vendors made the trip to Randall's Island, displaying everything from shiny new packers and front end loaders to electric carts and ballfield rakes.

Over 20 City and State agencies, along with representatives from Business Improvement Districts and more than 100 Parkies joined Commissioner Henry J. (StarQuest) Stern; Alan (Northside) Moss, First Deputy Commissioner; Jack (Kirkwood) Linn, Assistant Commissioner for Citywide Services; Keith T. (Kermit) Kerman, Chief of Operations; and Channel 2 News as they explored the newest innovations in fleet technology. In many cases, chats with the knowledgeable vendors ended with visitors taking a trip 55 feet in the air in the basket of a cherry picker, or zipping around the island on an electric bike.

The show also gave Parks the opportunity to show off some of the most recent additions to our fleet of over 2,000 vehicles, including new vans, Jeeps, CNG fuel Hondas, and the electric-gasoline hybrid Toyota Prius.

Prepared by Dan (Frolic) Froehlich and Sarah (Cria) Coleman


On Thursday, June 7, 2001, the day designated Brooklyn/Queens Day, over 3,500 members of the Sunset Park community gathered at Sunset Park Recreation Center for a day of games, sports, music, crafts, dancing, food, live performances, and awards presentations.

The goal of Sunset Park Family Day, as described by Center Manager Vernetta Diggs was "to celebrate the diversity, spirit, and vitality of the community, and to increase their awareness of the many programs and activities available to them at the center."

With great assistance from Teens at Parks, Child Health Plus, the Police Athletic League and the Friends of Sunset Park, the center hosted a day of non-stop fun for the whole family. Deputy Commissioner Robert L. (Iceman) Garafola was on hand to present six Recreation staffers with certificates from the Partnership for After-school Education program, in recognition of their excellence as After-school educators.

On the stage, martial arts moves were demonstrated by the young members of the Von King Martial Arts program. The St. John's Wildcats' and Von King Steppers' performances amply displayed their precision and discipline. The Sunset Stars cheerleaders' enthusiasm was contagious. Solo singers from several centers took their turns at the mike. The sounds of popular music in many styles-hip-hop, disco, salsa, soul and pop-were blended with the giggles and laughter of children, the blaring of the NYPD Community Services vehicle siren, the thwack! of the NY Rangers Van hockey sticks and the shouts of "Popcorn! Hotdogs! Cold soda!" from the many vendors.

Other contributors to this great event were the City Parks Foundation, Rim-Rocka, Funtime U.S.A., the Fire Department, the NY Knickerbockers, Latino Mix, Health Plus, Kingsborough College, Mercy College, Rapid Vending, the Center For Family Life, Coca-Cola, and Mountain Dew. Many thanks go to the Brooklyn Recreation staff members who worked hard to make the day a success. The community response to this event was tremendous. Without a doubt, June 2002 will see the Second Annual Sunset Park Family Day.

By Deborah (Rogue) Zingale

(Wednesday, June 15, 1988)


The Riverside Shakespeare Company, New York's only year-round professional theater troupe devoted to Shakespeare, has for 12 years brought the Bard's work to the public for free in parks throughout the city. But this year the Company's summer tour was threatened with cancellation because of funding cutbacks. That is, until entrepreneurs Ben Cohen and Jeff Greenfield of Ben & Jerry's All Natural Homemade Ice Cream came to the rescue of the 600-member troupe with a $50,000 gift.

Last Friday, Commissioner Stern accepted a check on behalf of the Riverside Shakespeare Company from Alan Kaufman, Executive Director of Sales and Marketing for Ben & Jerry's at a ceremony near the William Shakespeare statue at 66th Street in the middle of Central Park.


"My advice to you is not to inquire why or whither,
but just to enjoy your ice cream while it's on your plate-
that's my philosophy."

Thornton Wilder (1897-1975)

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