Sunset Park

41 St., 44 St., bet. 5 Ave. and 7 Ave.


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Sunset Park is one of New York’s hidden treasures.  Tucked away in the Brooklyn neighborhood that bares its name, this park is famous for its breathtaking vista.  Sunset Park offers, at sunset, and at all times, stunning views of the rugged skyline of Manhattan.  From the park’s highest point, you can see the Statue of Liberty, vibrant Brooklyn neighborhoods, and the green hills of Staten Island and New Jersey. Turning your gaze inward to the park, you see an equally diverse terrain: a state-of-the-art swimming pool, green fields, pedestrian walkways, a sand volleyball court, a recreation center, and a living memorial commemorating September 11th.

In the summer months, Sunset Park and its pool become home to swimmers and sun worshipers.  Designed in a neoclassical/Art Deco style, the pool first opened its waters to the public in 1936. It has since then offered to the Sunset Park community and visitors from all across New York City a range of recreational activities. Programs include Learn-to-Swim classes for all ages and lap swim for adults.

With an active recreation center and playground, Sunset Park has visitors even in the colder months of the year.  The recreation center has, among other highlights, a media lab a library, a dance room, and a workout room with cardio equipment and free weights.


It's My Park at Sunset Park

This It's My Park season, volunteer with Parent-Child Relationship Association to beautify Sunset Park. We look...


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