Story Playground

Story Ave. bet. Taylor Ave. and Thieriot Ave.


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This text is part of Parks’ Historical Signs Project and can be found posted within the park.

Frame constitutions of government with what
wisdom and foresight we may, they must be
imperfect, and leave something to discretion,
and much to public virtue.
-Supreme Court Justice Joseph Story

Both Story Avenue and this playground honor legal scholar and Supreme Court Justice Joseph Story (1779-1845). Story was born in Marblehead, Massachusetts, to a prominent New England family. His father had taken part in the Boston Tea Party of 1773. Story attended Harvard College from 1795 to 1798 and graduated second in his class before going on to study law with an attorney from Marblehead. In 1801, Story was admitted to the Bar and began a successful practice in Salem, Massachusetts.

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Directions to Story Playground

  • Story Playground
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  • First Deputy Mayor Patricia E. Harris speaks at the opening of Story Playground
  • Four Bronx Ribbon Cuttings in One Day
  • Cutting the ribbon at Story Playground

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