St. Michael's Playground

30 Ave. To 31 Ave. and Boody St., BQE


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This text is part of Parks’ Historical Signs Project and can be found posted within the park.
St. Michael's Playground, just south of St. Michael's Cemetery, is sandwiched in a triangle of land between the eastern and western Brooklyn-Queens Expressway connectors and 30th Avenue. The playground was created in the 1940s from land left over from the construction of the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway, or BQE.

Both the nearby cemetery and the church that operates the cemetery are named for St. Michael, an archangel who figures prominently in Judaism, Islam, and Christianity. He was adopted by Christianity as a saint of the Church militant, and is often portrayed wearing a coat of mail and carrying a shield, sword, or spear. Michael is frequently depicted slaying Satan and represented with scales weighing the souls of the dead; a "Policeman's Prayer" to St. Michael is said by those in law enforcement.

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Directions to St. Michael's Playground

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