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The Daily Plant : Wednesday, April 25, 2001


An outstanding 9 of Parks' 19 historic houses are National Historic Landmarks of which there are only 2,700 in the country. As a group, they sound a voice for preservation, and they educate the public. In 2000, over 600,000 visitors crossed the threshold of the historic houses looking to learn. The Children's Guide to Historic Houses in New York City Park, just published by The Historic House Trust, will reach a most important sector of our clientele: curious kids. When presented properly, Parks' historic house museums offer an adventure in time travel no curious mind can resist. The guide, written to accommodate all ages, will coincide with the 4th grade social studies curriculum on the history of New York State. The book is written in chronological order, such that each house is a landmark on the timeline of New York City history.

Several Parkies and their friends helped bring the book to print: Sara (Whisperer) Hobel, Director of the Urban Park Rangers, wrote the final draft; Alex (Oiseau) Brash, Chief of the Urban Park Service, edited the text; Scott (Highlander) Heyl, Former Director of the Historic House Trust, and Amy (Friday) Freitag, Director of the Historic House Trust, directed the efforts; and Jack (Kirkwood) Linn, Assistant Commissioner for Citywide Services, shepherded the project to completion. Forbes Inc. and Tim (Heritage) Forbes, Board Member and former Chairman of the Historic House Trust, underwrote the design and printing costs, and hosted a book party on Wednesday, April 18, 2001 at the Forbes Gallery. Also present at the party were Councilman John (Pathfinder) Sabini, Chair of the City Council's Commission of Historic Preservation; Adrian (A-Train) Benepe, Manhattan Borough Commissioner; Deborah (Zebra) Krulewitch, Chairman of the Board of the Historic House Trust, Myra (Miracle) Biblowit, Historic House Trust Board Member, Urban Park Ranger Matt (Homer) Symons; as well as many house directors and other Parkies.

Already, the Historic House Trust and the Urban Park Rangers work together to marry their historical resources and educational programs. Their union is represented in the new book. Anyone interested in a copy should contact Karen (Jamaica Bay) Chia at (212) 360-8249.

Click here for more information about the Historic House Trust


This month, Brooklyn welcomes the arrival of two new PEP horses, transplanted from Staten Island. Prince and Duke, black perchons, replace Betty and Jake who died June 9, 2000 when their stable caught on fire. Until April 3, 2001, Brooklyn PEP were without horses. Then Prince and Duke took a road trip. They left their detail at Clove Lakes and Silver Lake Parks for the hills of Prospect Park. Officers report that they've overcome any initial culture clash and, with the help of Corporal Laurie Trocola and Officer Mary Lucas, they're adjusting to a new routine.

Parks currently employs thirteen mounted PEP, and keeps ten horses, two in each borough. The newest among them, Samson and King, arrived in August of 2000. These horses are a presence at parades and large events, where mounted PEP help control the crowds. Off duty, PEP horses enjoy running, galloping, and eating grass.


Congratulations to Iris (Almond Joy) Rodriguez-Rosa, Bronx Chief of Recreation! On Thursday, April 19 she was awarded The National Puerto Rican Day Parade Betances Award for her contribution to recreation and sports as an outstanding American of Puerto Rican descent. Along with 20 others, among them labor leaders and educators, entrepreneurs and politicians, Iris received her award. A commemorative plaque praises her "ability to promote events and activities that enhance the happiness of our youth and citizens." In 1993, Iris was awarded the New York Puerto Rican Day Parade Award. She adds this plaque to her growing collection.

Iris told the Plant that she is grateful to Parks for allowing her to participate in public service, "it is something I always wanted to do." She thanked all of the people she works with for their support in making her job run smoothly. "To think of all that, I glow." Colleagues describe Iris as exceptionally warm and adept at communicating with all types of people. They noted that her own projects are excellent and she is willing to volunteer her time to help make other people's events a success.


The next in a series of lectures sponsored by the Municipal Engineers Society will be held Wednesday, April 25, from 5:30 to 7:30. Paul (Polecat) Ersboll, Chief of Design, will speak about the development of waterfront parks in lecture entitled "Down by the River." This free event will take place at the Surrogate's Court at 31 Chambers Street, 5th floor. For more information, please contact Nicole (Lune) Clare, Assistant to the Chief of Design at (718) 760-6942.

THIRTEEN YEARS AGO IN THE PLANT (Wednesday, April 27, 1988)


... But no fear! The Bard will never be a wash-up at Parks.

Though an April shower last Saturday caused a day of theatrical and musical performances on Literary Walk in Central Park to end mid-act, 15 of New York's finest Shakespeare companies will regroup on the walk (between East 66 and 72nd Streets) on Saturday at Noon in authentic (drip dry) Elizabethan garb, to recommence where they left off.


"Knowing trees, I understand the meaning of patience.
Knowing grass, I can appreciate persistence."

Hal Borland

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