Sherman Creek

10 Ave. bet. Academy St. and the Harlem River


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The Sherman Creek Parks can be found at the end of 5 New York City streets, from West 202nd to West 206th Streets, connecting Inwood with the Harlem River waterfront.

Each of these small street-end parks are unique and worth exploring. At 202nd Street, there is a colored concrete paved seating area surrounded by ornamental native plantings, a handicap-accessible ramp, and a kayak launch.  The park at 203rd Street, the largest of the parks, features a tree-shaded picnic and barbeque facility, a performance space and spray shower plaza, waterfront seating with decorative pavements, and fishing access. The 204th Street contains a shaded group of picnic tables surrounded by flowering vine-covered trellis walls and waterfront seating with decorative pavings.  At 205th Street, you can find a gathering space with game tables and waterfront seating.  The smallest site, at 206th Street, features waterfront seating surrounded by ornamental native plantings.

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