Seton Falls Park

E. 233 St. bet. Seton Ave. and Baychester Ave.


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A peaceful oasis in a high-traffic area, Seton Falls' playground and open spaces are nestled alongside more than 30 acres of preserved natural land.

A stroll through the park's forest offers a relaxing escape from the busy city. A manmade waterfall flows from the west side of the park, and visitors can walk along the water through the woods, watching for any of the thirty species of birds that live there.

With its playground and wetlands placed side by side, Seton Falls is an ideal place to rest from the bustle of urban life.

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Seton Falls Park Forest Restoration

Volunteer with the Stewardship Team to protect the forested areas in Seton Falls Park! Volunteers will learn how to...

Directions to Seton Falls Park

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