Sankofa Park

Livonia Ave. between Barbey St. and Schenck Ave.


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This sturdy playground is both a destination for children in New Lots and surrounding neighborhoods, and a prominent site of New York's African American history. The playground features a nautical animal themed spray shower, with seals and whales for children to climb and play.

The playground rests on a former cemetery used by the local Black community as a burial site for free and enslaved African Americans. In 2016, the playground was renamed Sankofa Park in honor of the site's history. Both a word in the Akan Twi language of Ghana and a Bono Adinkra symbol, Sankofa refers to a mythic bird that flies into the future while keeping its beak turned toward the past. Its translation tells us that “it isn’t taboo to go back and fetch what you forgot.”

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