Snug Harbor Cultural Center


Icon II

This piece by sculptor Seena Donneson depicts a 10-foot-high abstract upright hourglass-shaped geometric form. Installed on Snug Harbor’s West Lawn and dedicated in… Read More

Neptune Fountain

This fountain on the East Lawn of Sailors’ Snug Harbor Cultural Center depicts a heroic-sized Neptune figure atop a serpent with his spear poised to strike. In 1892… Read More

Robert Richard Randall Monument

This monumental bronze sculpture nestled in the northwestern corner of Snug Harbor Cultural Center depicts Robert Richard Randall (died 1801). Randall founded Sailors Snug… Read More

Snug Harbor: June 2005 Park of the Month

Staten Island's Sailors Snug Harbor is June's Park of the Month. Staten Island is the "borough of parks," replete with nearly 7,500 acres of parkland, which makes up… Read More

Park Information

Directions to Snug Harbor Cultural Center

  • White and yellow daffodils
  • A long stretch of daffodils

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