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NYC Parks Deploys AT&T Street Charge Units At The Beach

Monday, June 22, 2015
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Solar Powered Charging Stations Allow Beach Goers at Rockaway, South and Midland, Orchard and Coney Island Beaches the Opportunity to Charge Wireless Devices for Free

NYC Parks will be deploying nine solar powered mobile charging stations at four of New York City’s public beaches this summer, bringing AT&T’s Street Charge initiative to a total of 29 charging stations across all five boroughs.

Visitors to Coney Island in Brooklyn; South Beach and Midland Beach in Staten Island; Orchard Beach in the Bronx; and Rockaway Beach in Queens can now literally recharge their batteries while at the beach. The solar powered mobile charging stations work day or night, in the sun or shade. During the day, three monocrystalline solar panels collect the sun’s energy to charge up powerful internal batteries. This allows each AT&T Street Charge unit to charge up to six phones, tablets or other wireless devices quickly, even if the sun isn’t shining.

“NYC Parks is proud to team up with AT&T to bring this innovation to our city’s public beaches, so that New Yorkers can stay connected even while enjoying the outdoors,” said NYC Parks Commissioner Mitchell J. Silver, FAICP. “Best of all, the solar powered charging stations fit in with NYC Parks’ mission to make a brighter, greener future for New York City. We are extremely grateful for our continued partnership with AT&T on this initiative.”

“AT&T Street Charge was inspired by restoration efforts after superstorm Sandy, when AT&T quickly deployed crude mobile charging stations to the hardest hit areas of the city to help people connect,” said Marissa Shorenstein, New York State President, AT&T. “It was so well received that we partnered with New York City Parks to offer New Yorkers a sustainable way to charge their phones and tablets while enjoying the area’s finest beaches and parks.”

Due to popular demand from the Queens community, NYC Parks and AT&T worked with The Neighborhood Plaza Partnership to add two more AT&T Street Charge units to Corona Plaza on 104th Street and Roosevelt Avenue.

AT&T’s Street Charge program is one part of a larger effort by AT&T to keep New Yorkers connected. The units are a complement to AT&T’s Wi-Fi in the Parks initiative in which AT&T provides free Wi-Fi to over two dozen of the city’s parks across the five boroughs.

For more information or to view a full list of AT&T Street Charge locations in New York City visit, or follow us on Twitter @MobilizeNY and use the hashtag #attstreetcharge.

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