Rockaway Beach and Boardwalk


List of Bathrooms

NameLocationOpen Year-RoundAccessible
Rockaway Beach (Beach 115th St.)Beach 115th St. & Rockaway BoardwalkYes
Beach 67th StreetBoardwalk between Beach 67th St and Beach 62nd StNo
Rockaway Playground MBoardwalk between Beach 84th St and Beach 90th StYesAccessible
Beach 59th St PlaygroundBoardwalk & Beach 59-60 streetsYes
Beach 30th Street PlaygroundBoardwalk at Beach 32nd StreetYesAccessible
Beach 17 PlaygroundBeach 17th St. & Seagirt Blvd.YesAccessible
Beach 9 PlaygroundBeach 9th Street, North of the BoardwalkNo
Beach 97th StreetBoardwalk at Beach 97th StreetNoAccessible
Beach 106th StreetBoardwalk at Beach 106th StreetNoAccessible
Beach 115th StreetBoardwalk at Beach 115th StreetNo

Directions to Rockaway Beach and Boardwalk

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