Riverside Park


Carrère Memorial

This commemorative terrace and balustrade, part of the staircase inserted at 97th Street into the 19th-century, rustic perimeter wall enclosing Riverside Park, honors the… Read More

Cherry Walk

Cherry Walk is part of Riverside Walk, a continuous four-mile-long path along the Hudson River from 72nd to 158th Street. Named for the cherry trees ( Prunus ) along the… Read More

Claremont Playground

The site of Claremont Playground has a rich and varied history. On September 16, 1776, this was the scene of fierce combat during the Battle of Harlem… Read More

Cyrus Clark

This impressive sculptural bronze relief of local financier and civic planner Cyrus Clark (1830–1909) was created by Henry Kirke Bush-Brown (1857–1935), and… Read More

Dinosaur Playground

Dinosaurs were the largest animals ever to walk the earth, and they disappeared about 70 million years ago. The cause of their extinction remains a scientific mystery.… Read More

Eleanor Roosevelt Monument

This monument by sculptor Penelope Jencks honors humanitarian and First Lady Anna Eleanor Roosevelt (1884-1962).  Dedicated under the oak trees at 72nd Street on… Read More

Firemen’s Memorial

The Firemen’s Memorial (1913) in Riverside Park is one of the most impressive monuments in New York City.  The monument was designed by H. Van Buren Magonigle… Read More

Franz Sigel Statue

This bronze equestrian sculpture of military officer, educator, journalist, and public servant Franz Sigel (1824–1902) is by the distinguished sculptor Karl Bitter… Read More

Greenstreet by Riverside Church - Peregrine Falcons in New York City

This greenstreet, located between 102th and 122nd Streets and Riverside Drive, is a prime spot in New York City for sighting peregrine falcons. The reemergence of the… Read More

Hamilton Fountain

This ornate, baroque-styled marble fountain is named for Robert Ray Hamilton (1851-1890) a prominent businessman, landowner and politician who bequeathed $9,000 to the… Read More

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Directions to Riverside Park

Know Before You Go

West 79th Street Boat Basin

The 79th Street Boat Basin marina is currently closed. No vessel dockage, moorage, anchorage or launch services are available. The marina will be dredged and reconstructed to modern codes and standards. The marina is anticipated to reopen in 2025.

Related inquiries may be sent to boatbasin@parks.nyc.gov

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