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The Daily Plant : Tuesday, July 6, 2004


As the summer sun sets and the day’s heat finally begins to lessen, New Yorkers from all walks of life will gather in City parks and watch the classics—both old and new—from Love Story to Lost in Translation, from The Thing to The Ring.

This summer, free film festivals will take place in five locations in New York City’s parks. The HBO Bryant Park Film Festival has screenings every Monday evening through August 23. Riverside Park South Cinema will show films at the 70th Street Pier Thursdays through September 2. Also on Thursdays, July 15 through August 5, Celebrate Brooklyn! will present a unique movie-going experience at Prospect Park with the Music and Movies series. Audiences will be treated to the score of each film performed live by artists ranging from Pere Ubu to the Alloy Orchestra. Finally, audiences at the Hudson River Park Trust’s Riverflicks will be able to catch both thrillers—Wednesdays at Pier 54—and family films—Fridays at Pier 25—while munching on complimentary popcorn. All screenings are free and start at dusk (between 8 and 9 p.m.).

With nearly 40 films playing in New York City’s parks this summer, even the most dedicated Parkie would have a tough time making it out to each and every movie! That’s why The Daily Plant decided to make the decision process a bit easier for our readers. Below is just a sampling of Parkie favorites. For a complete list of films, check the Special Events Calendar online at www.nyc.gov/parks.

Kenny Harper, the Arsenal Mail Clerk, loves Beetlejuice, which is showing July 30 in Hudson River Park at Pier 25. "It’s really scary!" Harper explained. There’s no question that only the daring kids will go home and repeat the word "Beetlejuice" three times after seeing this movie, but the thing that makes Beetlejuice an 80’s classic is the humorous way it treats its supernatural subject matter. After all, Beetlejuice is "the ghost with the most!"

Dyanne Norris, Community Relations Administrative Assistant, goes wild for Breakfast at Tiffany’s, playing at Riverside Park South on July 15. "Before I saw it, I couldn’t figure out just how you could have breakfast at Tiffany’s," Norris remembered with a laugh. When Audrey Hepburn first appeared on screen nibbling on a pastry in front of those famous jewelry store windows, it all made sense to Norris. This light comic film provides a classic look at New York City society, but what really stands out is Hepburn’s iconic performance as Holly Golightly.

Melanie Karasick, Parks Opportunity Program Intern, suggests Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, showing August 6 at Pier 25 in Hudson River Park. "It brings me back to my childhood," Karasick said. From the singing Oompa Loompas to the Chocolate River, the film creates a world of wonder that can be enjoyed by both the young and the young at heart. After seeing Willie Wonka, one cannot help but wonder why there is no candy wallpaper or truly everlasting Gobstoppers in real life.

Bill Castro, Manhattan Borough Commissioner, recommends Casablanca, showing August 19 at Riverside Park South. Castro describes the film as "one of the most entertaining movies ever made. It’s very human and uplifting—a real crowd-pleaser." Casablanca is a movie to experience with others, laughing and crying together. Don’t be afraid to cry during Casablanca: "It brings tears to my eyes every time," Castro admitted. As Humphrey Bogart’s adventures and misadventures in the deserts of Morroco unfold on the screen, you may notice the Hudson River itself take on the exotic qualities of the film’s world.

The movies have always provided a chance to escape, to see new places, and to feel new emotions. Parks, as a relief from fast-paced city life, are the perfect places to escape into the movies this summer.

Written by Rebecca Silverstein


"Some people think they are worth a lot of money just because they have it."

Fannie Hurst
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