Randall's Island Park


Discus Thrower Statue

The Discus Thrower statue was created by Greek sculptor Kostas Dimitriadis. Dimitriadis, who also studied and worked in Paris and London, was inspired by models from… Read More

Randall’s Island

Dutch Governor Wouter Van Twiller purchased Randall's Island, then known as Minnahanonck, from Native Americans in 1637. Over the next 200 years, Randall's Island was used… Read More

The Atlantic Flyway - Randall's Island

The bald eagle, a national symbol of strength and freedom, was formerly listed as an endangered species. Although this majestic bird no longer nests here, it can still be… Read More

The Hell Gate Pathway

The Hell Gate Bridge and Railroad Viaduct span Randall’s Island Park approximately 100 feet above ground, with heavy piers of stone planted firmly in Astoria to the… Read More

Directions to Randall's Island Park

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