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Barbecuing Areas

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Designated Barbecuing Areas

Barbecuing Rules

Please be cautious when barbecuing and keep a safe distance from patrons, children, and trees. Be courteous to others and please clean the area carefully before you leave. Events involving more than 20 people require a special events permit.

Our rules prohibit:

  • Littering and dumping of debris
  • Propane
  • Barbecuing in non-authorized areas
  • Barbecuing next to trees, tree roots, or buildings. Please keep ten feet or more away from any structures.
  • Any type of open, ground, or camp fire. Please barbecue at least three feet off the ground.
  • Barbecuing by anyone 18 years or younger

Cleaning Up

All coal and matches must be disposed of in designated red barrels. Please do not place anything flammable in a regular litter barrel. Use water to extinguish hot coals. Improperly dumped coals or matches can do major damage to our parks.

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List of Barbecuing Areas

Sunken Meadow waterfrontAt the Sunken Meadow waterfront (specifically, the berm between Fields 27 and 30, and the waterfront behind Fields 31-40 between the pathway and the river.
LawnAt the lawn area djacent to the playground
WaterfrontAt the waterfront at the south end of the park
Near the Bronx shoreBetween the pedestrian pathway and river near the Bronx Shore section
Harlem River Picnic AreaHarlem River Picnic Area near the ferry dock
Flagpole LawnsFlagpole Lawns, between Icahn Stadium and the Golf Center

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