Quarry Ballfields

E. 181 St., Oak Tree Pl. bet. Quarry Rd. and Hughes Ave.


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This text is part of Parks’ Historical Signs Project and can be found posted within the park.

This parkland, like the road that bounds it, is named for a nearby rock quarry that, according to local lore, became the cellar of the Lorillard Mansion. The Lorillards were a wealthy Bronx family who made their fortune in tobacco. Legend has it that upon the death of the founding patriarch, Pierre Lorillard, in 1837, an obituary writer coined the term “millionaire” to describe his vast wealth.

Hughes Avenue, the eastern boundary of the park, was named in 1895 for Archbishop John Hughes (1797-1864). Hughes founded St. John’s College (now Fordham University) in 1841. He was appointed archbishop on July 19, 1850, and during his tenure he oversaw the construction of St. Patrick’s Cathedral. During 1861 and 1862, he traveled extensively in Europe, as President Abraham Lincoln’s unofficial representative, to bolster foreign support of the Union during the Civil War.

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  • Quarry Ballfields

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