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The Daily Plant : Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Parkies Honored By 100 Year Association

Anne Arrowsmith of Central Forestry and Anthony Mazzallo of Brooklyn Operations received a high honor in New York City public service on December 18, 2007 by receiving the Isaac Liberman Award, presented by the 100 Year Association. Also honored was Andrew Guinan, the son of Christina Vecchione of the Prospect Park Administrator's Office.

The Isaac Liberman Award has been given annually since 1958 by the 100 Year Association, comprised of over 200 companies and non-profit organizations operating in New York for over 100 years. The Association recognizes public service of New York City leaders and outstanding achievement and service of New York City career civil servants. It also acknowledges academic excellence and community service by children of civil service employees. The Association has distributed more than $1.3 million since the inception of the awards program. The ceremony was held at One Police Plaza.

Anne Arrowsmith is a Principal Administrative Associate where she has been employed since 1986 as a Horticulture Analyst responsible for analyzing the agency's horticulture operations. She has made it her mission to educate the public about the importance of forestry and horticulture. She developed, implemented and conducted an agencywide employee training program in horticulture, training every employee of the agency during a two-year period. She has been instrumental in developing a central horticulture database which links plant materials, pesticide information and contract information. This has made horticulture easily accessible and readily available to Parks employees.

Anthony Mazzallo has been working for the City of New York since 1985. He is currently a Park Supervisor II where he is assigned to the Prospect Park Garage in Brooklyn. He is responsible for the overall operation of the borough's fleet of 524 vehicles, including the heavy-duty equipment used for excavation and debris removal. He helps draft the specifications for new equipment purchases, to ensure that the vehicles sought will meet our needs. He also makes sure that heavy-duty equipment operators are properly trained. Anthony recently created an operations manual for beach equipment, which enhances safety on the job by serving as an invaluable training tool.

Andrew Guinan is the son of Christina Vecchione, Secretary to the Prospect Park Administrator. He is a sophomore at Dartmouth College and the recipient of the Golden Sachs Scholarship. Andrew was also a 2006 Hundred Year Association of New York College Scholar.

Parks' other 100 Year Association Award winners since 1990 are, in order of receipt: Larry Scoones (91), Michael Lytle (97), Jane Schachat (98), Steven Yanolatos (98), Mary Price (99), Miguel Santiago (99), Gary Cullen (00), William Steyer (01), Robert Redmond (02), Michael Cresenczo (03), Dave Kunstler (03), Joe Innella (04), Kim McNeal (04), Matthew Symons (05), and Lofton Johnson (06).


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