Pier 107 CVII

500-501 E. 107th St, New York, NY 10029 (FDR Dr. at E. 107 St.)


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This text is part of Parks’ Historical Signs Project and can be found posted within the park.

Completed in 1931 by the Department of Docks on a former dump site, the 107th Street pier was built for a markedly different function and neighborhood than it serves today. In the mid-1930s, it was one of seven East River piers between 102nd and 110th Streets, and catered to a teeming industrial district between the waterfront and First Avenue. Warehouses, garages, auto shops, poultry concerns, marble yards, and small factories filled these blocks, which were also home to larger enterprises such as the Harlem Market, located between 102nd and 103rd Streets, the Burns Brothers Coal Company on 107th Street, and the Knickerbocker Ice Company on 108th Street. West of First Avenue, streets were packed solid with five- and six-story tenement buildings.

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