Pelham Bay Park


Aileen B. Ryan Recreational Complex

The Aileen B. Ryan (1912-1987) Recreational Complex honors a true New Yorker and ardent supporter of Parks. Born Aileen Barlow on September 5, 1912, in Clasons Point in… Read More

American Boy

This massive salvaged limestone sculpture by the French-born artist Louis St. Lannes of a partially clad male youth once adorned a temple-like niche in Rice Stadium in… Read More

Bartow-Pell Mansion

This historic house stands on a tract of land in Pelham Bay Park that was purchased from the Siwanoy Indians in 1654 by Thomas Pell, an English doctor of medicine who had… Read More

Bronx Victory Memorial - Pelham Bay Park

What was here before? In 1921 the American Legion planted rows of trees along the Bronx’s Grand Concourse, each with a bronze plaque dedicated to a fallen… Read More

Bronx Victory Memorial and Grove

Who is this monument dedicated to? Erected in 1932 and dedicated in an elaborate ceremony on September 24, 1933, the Bronx Victory Memorial and adjacent Memorial… Read More

Glover’s Rock

Who is this monument dedicated to? This large granite rock, glacial deposit, is named for Colonel John Glover (1732-1797) who, on October 18, 1776, led a brigade… Read More

Hunter Island

This island is named for John Hunter (d. 1852), whose family owned the land for nearly 50 years. It is located in the northeast corner of Pelham Bay Park, near the… Read More

Huntington Woods

This 41-acre section of Pelham Bay Park is named for its last landowner, Archer Milton Huntington, who purchased the property in 1896. By then, Pelham Bay Park had been… Read More

Kazimiroff Nature Trail

This nature trail honors Dr. Theodore Kazimiroff (1914-1980). A dentist by profession, Kazimiroff is most remembered for his dedication to the fight for the… Read More

Orchard Beach

Orchard Beach is one of Pelham Bay Park’s most distinctive features. Even though the beach itself is relatively new, visitors dating back to the early Native… Read More

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Directions to Pelham Bay Park

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