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The Daily Plant : Monday, January 6, 2003


On Friday, January 3, 2002, the following individuals were awarded Employee of the Month for December. The other awardees will be listed in an upcoming edition of The Daily Plant.

Luther Weir is the Commissioner’s Employee of the Month

A former US Marine, Luther works with the Prospect Park Alliance and began with us in July 2001. Luther works with the special events office at Prospect Park helping to prepare the myriad concerts, athletic and nature programs in the park. Luther made a particularly special effort this week on Monday, December 30. On Prospect Park Lake near Wollman Rink, a patron had ventured out on to the ice, something that we prohibit. Suddenly the ice broke and he fell in. Luckily, Luther had been driving by and noticed the incident. He immediately attained a ladder and rope and went on the perilous ice to reach the man. Luther was not able to pull the man out, but kept him calm and assured until emergency services arrived and rescued him. For his quick and courageous efforts in a dangerous situation, Luther has earned our thanks and respect.

Anna P. Carey is also a Commissioner’s Employee of the Month

Anna joined Parks as intern in the summer of 1998. She returned as a full time employee in the summer of 1999 after graduating from Smith College. Anna works in AC Jack Linn’s office. This year, for the second time Anna organized Parks Thanksgiving Day Party. She coordinated everything from bleachers and beach balls to heat and hot chocolate to ensure that our 2,800 guests felt welcome. Because each year more people want to come than we can accommodate, Anna’s role is not solely organizing, but diplomacy, which she handled well. Along with coordination, Anna, for the second year in a row, was also part of the entertainment. She was a balloon handler for the star of the Parade, Kermit the Frog. Anna has gone above and beyond for events large and small throughout the year, but Thanksgiving was special.

Abismael Rivera is Bronx’s Employee of the Month

Abismael has been with Parks since April 4, 1988 and is an SPMO assigned to District 9 which includes Soundview Park and Bronx River Park. Abismael has strong supervisory and technical skills. He is helping to conduct driver safety evaluations in the Bronx and also EEO training. He oversees park maintenance for the district which achieved 86.4% overall ratings in 2002, an improvement from 78% in FY01. Abismael also a strong knowledge of trades work, and is on-call whenever the borough needs him. For his valued service to the Bronx, Abismael was nominated by Bronx Chief of Operations John Bachman.

Frederick C. Wilken is Brooklyn’s Employee of the Month

Fred is a PRM who has been with Parks since January 31, 1989. Fred has made many outstanding contributions to the agency in different roles. For several years as a PPS, he managed the Wollman Ice Skating Rink in Prospect Park. He wrote the rink operation manual which is still in use today. He also managed permits and field operations for Prospect Park and the Parade Grounds, and developed strong working relations with their active and civic-minded patrons. Now as PRM for Districts 17 and 18, Fred helped the districts achieve overall ratings of 90.0% in 2002. District 18 won our BOP Award for Most Improved District in Brooklyn. Also an Employee of the Month in April 1998, Fred was nominated by Prospect Park Manager Michael Grattan.

Elisha Habib is the Capital Projects Employee of the Month

Elisha joined Parks on July 18, 2000 and is an Assistant with the Citywide Construction Office at Capital. Elisha manages the Construction Office in a professional manner, quickly and politely answering phones, preparing memorandums and correspondence, and distributing information to project residents. Elisha also assists with developing funding proposals for contracts, shop drawings, and permits. Elisha is a steadfast and reliable employee who excels under pressure and is pleasant and friendly to all. For her hard work and good cheer at Capital, Elisha was nominated by John Natoli.


"Problems are only opportunities in work clothes."

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