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The Daily Plant : Monday, August 5, 2002


The following five individuals were awarded Employee of the Month for July on Thursday, August 1. The remaining four awardees will be featured later this week.

Iris N. Rodriguez is the Commissioner’s Employee of the Month for July. Iris joined Parks on January 13, 1986 after working as a district manager for a community board in Brooklyn. In 1994 Iris became Bronx Chief of Recreation. Under her leadership, Bronx’s recreation centers are regularly being rated as Model Centers in OMP inspections. At St. James, Iris has recently cultivated an important partnership with Fordham University, leveraging over $150,000 in funds and staff for Bronx recreation. Undergraduate students volunteer and graduate students earn school credit as they work in tutoring and mentor programs with local youth. With between five and ten volunteers there everyday during the academic year, this program has been able to pilot a support group for grandparents raising children; a Boy Scout troop, and a program of guidance and counseling for youth. In addition to managing model centers, Iris has developed important models for youth and family development programming throughout Parks recreation, and she is a model manager herself. Impressive, innovative and intelligent, Iris lives in Queens where she raises three beautiful children.

Alex Cortes is the Bronx’s Employee of the Month for July.

Alex joined Parks on March 19, 2001 and currently works as a CPW at the Bronx Technical Services Storehouse. Alex helps track and distribute nearly $440,000 in parts and supplies used by the borough-wide trades staff. He daily audits the SMS inventory lists against storehouse bins to ensure accurate recording of materials. Thanks to Alex’s effort and diligence, the storehouse variance was only 3.2% in FY02. This is less than our citywide average of 4.2% and a huge improvement from the over 50% variance in FY01. Along with his storehouse work, Alex is a skilled locksmith and has helped upgrade the gate locks at Bronx parks. For safeguarding our supplies and spaces, Alex was nominated by John Bachman, Chief of Bronx Operations.

Dennis J. Shea is Brooklyn’s Employee of the Month for July.

Dennis joined Parks on April 11, 1994 and currently works as a WEP Crew Chief in District 14 which includes the Parade Grounds. Dennis works hard to keep the Parade Ground ballfields and tennis courts in tip top shape. His effort and attention to detail have helped District 14 achieve cleanliness ratings of 95% so far in 2002. Dennis has also worked to expand the alternative sentencing program in Brooklyn. Dependable and dedicated, Dennis was nominated by Parks and Recreation Manager Michael Grattan.

Margarita Martinez is Capital Projects’ Employee of the Month for July. Margarita Martinez joined Parks on February 5, 2001 and works with Management Services. Margarita manages the capital budgets for Bronx and Staten Island projects. As such, she serves as a liaison to OMB, the City Council, and the Borough Presidents’ offices and coordinates all project submissions and approvals. Margarita has contributed to exciting projects about to get underway such as the Barretto Point Park and Comfort Station in the Bronx, and the Recreational Pier and Comfort Station at Midland Beach in Staten Island. Margarita is computer savvy, thorough and helpful, and has chipped in of late to pick up the slack for a co-worker on long term sick leave. An effective new employee at Capital, Margarita was nominated by Capital Chief of Management Services Mary Pazan.

Glenn J. Rowan is Citywide Services’ Employee of the Month for July.

Glenn joined Parks on August 7, 1991 and currently serves as the coordinator of the PACT PEP program. Glenn helps workfare participants train to become security and enforcement staff. He helps participants gain security licenses and certificates, provides driver and verbal judo training, and supervises their Parks assignments. Since becoming PACT Security Coordinator in 1996, he has helped place over 415 participants in security related jobs. Glenn’s crew of nearly 250 staff are throughout the Emerald Empire protecting park patrons, monitoring special events and helping enforce our rules. In addition to his PACT work, Glenn takes on special enforcement projects including stopping a rash of locker break-ins at Carmine Recreation Center. Glenn employed invisible ink powder and remote alarms to nab the culprits. Serious and professional, Glenn was nominated by Director of PEP Richard Gentles and PACT Director Jill Weber.

Written and compiled by Keith Kerman and Sarah Coleman


(Monday. August 14, 1989)


The Mayor’s Concession Review Committee (CRC) has approved the award of the operation of the Clearview Restaurant at Willets Point Boulevard in Queens to a Manhattan restaurateur for 10 years.

Joseph Franco, a restaurateur for 18 years and owner of Dieci Italian Restaurant in Manhattan will offer Italian cuisine at the establishment, located adjacent to the Clearview Park and Golf Course. The menu will be similar to the one used at Dieci but the prices will be more moderate.


"That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind."

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