Newtown Playground

56 Ave., 92 St.


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This playground takes its name from one of the oldest European settlements in Queens. It serves as a memorial and resting place to the settlers, their families, and nameless African and European Americans of Newtown who helped build this community. This site was originally used as a cemetery, known as Old Newtown Cemetery or the Ancient Burial Ground. The early history of the site is not well documented, but it likely came into use shortly after the settlement was founded, making it the first community burial ground in Newtown.

In 2019, the City completed a renovation with graceful paths and contemplative seating areas, along with careful plantings that were created over the archaeologically sensitive section of the park. 

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Newtown Playground

As a part of our Anchor Parks initiative, reconstruction of Charybdis Playground in Astoria Park is now underway. Follow this project on the Parks Capital Tracker for updates.

Anticipated Completion: Spring 2021

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