Msgr. McGolrick Park


McGolrick Park - the Asian Longhorned Beetle

The Asian longhorned beetle ( Anoplophora glabripennis ) was found in Greenpoint, Brooklyn in 1996. Scientists believe it came to the United States by way of wood crating… Read More

McGolrick Park Shelter Pavilion

In 1910, the architectural firm of Helmle and Huberty erected this pavilion here in Monsignor McGorlick Park. One of many Brooklyn buildings and structures designed by… Read More

McGolrick Park War Memorial

This striking bronze winged victory figure was created by Carl Augustus Heber (1875–1956) and dates to 1923. The monument honors those valorous residents from the… Read More

Monitor and Merrimac Monument

This statue honors the esteemed Swedish-American engineer and inventor John Ericsson (1803–1889), as well as the Monitor , the ironclad ship he designed. Created by… Read More

Directions to Msgr. McGolrick Park

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