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The Daily Plant : Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The Park Is Back In Midland “Park”way Malls

Photo by Daniel Avila

On June 7, Queens Borough Commissioner Dorothy Lewandowski joined Council Member James Gennaro, President of the Jamaica Estates Association Michael Bookbinder and community members to cut the ribbon on the $787,000 restoration and greening of Midland Malls and to break ground on the restoration of the historic gatehouse at Hillside Avenue.

Council Member Gennaro allocated $550,000, with an additional $237,000 from Mayor Bloomberg, to restore the seven malls along Midland Parkway from Hillside Avenue to Surrey Place.

The seven malls have been planted with a range of trees, shrubs and flowers, including dogwoods, yews, hydrangea and euonymus, that greatly enhance the street. At Surrey Place—the north end of the parkway—there are four small islands that are now reconstructed. One of the islands is encircled with granite block and planted with liriope (the lily family). At Hillside Avenue, where the historic gatehouse is located, substantial plantings have been installed along with a new path that improves access to the gatehouse and World War II memorial.

“I am very happy to have funded this incredible beautification. The neighborhood of Jamaica Estates is a wonderful neighborhood that is strong, active and committed to making this city a better place to live,” said Council Member Gennaro.

The gatehouse, which is built from river stones, marks the entrance to the malls. Restoration of the gatehouse will begin later this month and include thorough cleaning of the stone, reconstruction of the roof and restoration of the bronze plaque. The Jamaica Estates Association dedicated the plaque to ten men from the community who lost their lives during World War II. New lighting will be installed to highlight both the gatehouse and flagpole.


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