Marine Park


Carmine Carro Community Center

Located at the northern side of Marine Park on Fillmore Avenue, the Carmine Carro Community Center opened on March 1, 2013. The facility honors Carmine Carro (1935 –… Read More

Dr. John’s Playground

This playground honors Dr. John Elefterakis (1959-1997), a graduate of adjacent Public School 277, and a man dedicated to the Gerritsen Beach community. Dr. John, as he… Read More

Firefighter Christopher Bopp Triangle

What was here before? This site was once in the pathway of Gerritsen Creek, a freshwater creek that used to extend inland twice as far as it does today and would… Read More

Gerritsen Ballfields

Gerritsen Beach is part of the greater neighborhood of Marine Park, and takes its name from Dutch colonist Wolphert Gerritsen, one of the first settlers of the land.… Read More

Gerritsen Creek

Marine Park occupies the westernmost inlet of Jamaica Bay. The bay itself was formed over the past five thousand years, as ocean currents deposited strips of sand along… Read More

Glaciers in Marine Park

The landscape of Marine Park clearly shows the influence of the most recent Ice Age. The park sits atop land left by a melting ice sheet. Around 1.5 million years ago,… Read More

Lenape Playground

This beautiful playground honors the Lenape, who were the original inhabitants of New York City and the surrounding territory. For thousands of years before the arrival… Read More

Marine Park - Horseshoe Crabs in New York City Parks

Every May and June, horseshoe crabs emerge from Gerritsen Creek and Marine Park Creek onto the beaches at Marine Park. Female horseshoe crabs arrive on the beaches to lay… Read More

Marine Park - Invasive Phragmites

Marine Park surrounds the westernmost inlet of Jamaica Bay. The bay is one of several formed during the last 5000 years as ocean currents deposited sand in a series of… Read More

Marine Park - Ospreys in New York City

This section of Marine Park bordering Jamaica Bay provides prime habitat for one of nature’s most skillful hunters, the osprey. The osprey ( Pandion haliaetus )… Read More

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Directions to Marine Park

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