Maple Woods

Richmond Rd. bet. Pierce St. and Steuben St.

Staten Island

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This text is part of Parks’ Historical Signs Project and can be found posted within the park.

“The whole island is like a garden” –Henry David Thoreau

Named for the abundance of Norway maple trees (Acer platanoides), the Maple Woods on Richmond Road between Pierce and Steuben Avenues were first known as Maple Walk. They received their current name in August of 1997 from Parks Commissioner Stern and Council Member Jerome X. O’Donovan.

There are approximately 125 species in the maple family in the Northeastern United States, and 13 maple tree species in North America. Characterized by simple, broad, toothy, lobed leaves and long stalks, maples are common shade and woodland trees found from the temperate regions down to the tropical mountains. Maple flowers are generally small and insignificant, but anyone who has lived near the trees can recognize their distinctive paired “helicopter” seeds, or samaras.

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