Madison Square Park


Admiral David Glasgow Farragut Monument

The Admiral Farragut Monument at the north end of Madison Square Park is one of the finest outdoor monuments in New York City. Its creation was a collaboration of two of… Read More

Chester Alan Arthur Statue

Dedicated on June 13, 1899, this monumental bronze portrait of Chester Alan Arthur (1830-1886), the 21st United States President, is by sculptor George Edwin Bissell… Read More

Eternal Light Flagstaff

This monumental flagstaff honors those victorious forces of the United States Army and Navy who were officially received at this site following the armistice and the… Read More

Roscoe Conkling Statue

Located at the southeast corner of Madison Square Park this forthright, bronze full-standing statue of political figure Roscoe Conkling (1829-1888) is by the distinguished… Read More

William Seward Statue

This imposing bronze statue of statesman William Seward (1801–1872) was created by the artist Randolph Rogers (1825–1892). The sculpture was dedicated in 1876,… Read More

Directions to Madison Square Park

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