Macombs Dam Park


Elston Gene Howard Field

What was here before? A family of millers named Macomb operated a dam and grist mill on this site of the Macomb Dam Bridge over the nearby Harlem River. In 1813,… Read More

Highbridge Doughboy Statue

The Highbridge World War I Memorial , popularly known as the Highbridge Doughboy originally stood proudly at a small park triangle at Ogden and University Avenues in the… Read More

Joseph Yancey Track and Field

In 1936, Joseph James Yancey, Jr. (1910-1991) co-founded the New York Pioneer Track and Field Club. Its interracial track team, which nurtured many Olympic athletes, was… Read More

Macombs Dam Fountain

Situated on a parcel of Macombs Dam Park across from Yankee Stadium, the Macombs Dam Fountain features a large Stony Creek granite basin adorned with carved Indiana… Read More

Macombs Dam Park

Macombs Dam Park was named for the Macomb family of millers who, in the 19th century, operated a dam and grist mill on this site. In 1813, Robert Macomb was granted… Read More

Macombs Dam Park - Atlantic Flyway

The bald eagle, a national symbol of strength and freedom, was formerly listed as an endangered species. Although this majestic bird no longer nests here, it can still be… Read More

Summit Playground

This playground, like Summit Avenue, is named for the area’s higher elevation and impressive view. Unlike many New York roadways, Summit Avenue has retained its… Read More

Directions to Macombs Dam Park

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