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The Daily Plant : Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Interim Track & Field Is On The Way

Daniel Avila

On December 14, Parks ceremoniously broke ground on Macombs Dam Park Interim Track & Field. The facility is the first of three interim recreational facilities Parks is in the process of installing as part of the Yankee Stadium Redevelopment Project, a component of the City’s commitment to create new recreational facilities and infrastructure improvements in the South Bronx. In all, 24.5 acres of new parkland will be created, replacing 20.8 acres of current parkland.

At the ceremony Parks Commissioner Adrian Benepe was joined by Bronx Borough President Adolfo Carrión Jr. and New York Yankees President Randy Levine. Also in attendance were District Manager of Community Board #4 David Mojica, Parks Chair of Community Board #4 Robert Garmendiz, and student athletes from All Hallows High School and Cardinal Hayes High School.

Funded by $1,692,000 in capital funds from the City’s executive budget, the rubberized, all weather 350-yard track and synthetic turf softball/soccer field will be constructed on the site of Parking Lot #1 and remain open to the public until the permanent Macombs Dam Track and Field, a 400-meter track and soccer/football field, is available for public use in Fall 2010. The interim facility will also feature a backstop, dugout, benches, adult exercise equipment, fencing and flagpoles. Construction is slated for completion in Spring 2007.

"Parks & Recreation is working to help residents maintain their fitness and exercise routines during this period of redevelopment and expansion of neighborhood parks and recreational facilities," said Commissioner Benepe. "This neighborhood will have new, permanent recreational facilities in less than 18 months, and a 400-meter competition quality track and field is estimated for completion in 2010. In the meantime, the Macombs Dam Park Interim Track and Field will offer Bronx residents a great way to stay active – whether it be to walk, jog, run, play ball, or work out."

Macombs Dam Park Interim Track and Field will expand the current roster of recreational facilities available to residents of the South Bronx during the period of Yankee Stadium Redevelopment. Parks also encourages local residents to take advantage of Fitness Paths in and around parks. A new Citywide initiative, Fitness Paths are designed as places for residents to walk, jog, or run and are designated with interpretive signage, 1/10-mile distance markers, and directional arrows. Fitness Paths in the vicinity of Yankee Stadium are located in the following Bronx parks:

  • Franz Sigel Park (½ mile course) – Walton Avenue, E. 158th St., Grand Concourse (Enter at northern end of the park near 158th St.)


  • Joyce Kilmer Park (one mile course) – Walton Avenue, E. 161-164th Sts., Grand Concourse (Enter at northwest corner of the park near Walton Avenue and East 164th St. Three times around to the marked finish line is one mile.)


  • Macombs Dam Park (½ mile course) – Harlem River, Jerome, River Avenues, Ruppert Place, E. 157th St. (Enter at northeast corner of park near Ruppert Place and 161st St. This course circles Little Yankee Fields.)


  • Mullaly Park (½ mile course) – Jerome Avenue, McClellan Street, River Avenue, E. 162nd St. (Enter at the southeast corner of park and follow the perimeter of the park.)


The 24.5 acres of new parks and playing fields will include more than 16 acres of newly created parkland along the Harlem River waterfront and at the current Stadium site. The City will invest $160 million to create parks and walkways that will be open to the public 365 days a year. Permanent recreation facilities include a 400-meter competition quality track, four ball fields, two soccer fields, six basketball courts, nine handball courts, 16 tennis courts, one tennis center, and three playgrounds. The first capital project under the Yankee Stadium Redevelopment Plan will be complete in Spring 2008, and all projects under the plan are scheduled to be complete by Summer 2011.



"Strong character is brought out by change, weak ones by permanence."


Jean Paul Richter

(1763 – 1825)

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