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The Daily Plant : Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Parks Afterschool Kids Meet Patti Labelle!

Patti LaBelle with children
Photo by Ronnie Wright

Who is the “ultimate diva?” According to Girls World, a group of afterschool participants at Lost Battalion Hall Recreation Center in Queens, the answer is Patti LaBelle, of course! In a letter, the girls wrote of their idol;

Ms. Patti Labelle is the Ultimate Diva because...
She is glamorous;
She has class, style and grace;
She's been a singer for a long time;
She's beautiful;
She is fierce;
She is very experienced in the entertainment business;
She has a unique style of singing;
She always dresses nice (not showing off “all her business”);
She has a great personality;
She is always smiling;
Most of all, she has been through so much with her sisters death and she is still standing strong.

When the girls found out that Patti LaBelle was performing a free concert in Brooklyn, they desperately wanted to meet her and present her with their “Ultimate Diva Award.” In stepped Julius Spiegel, Brooklyn Borough Commissioner, and Marty Markowitz, Brooklyn Borough President, who arranged for the girls to live out their dream on August 25 at Wingate Park.

Tahlia Casey, Jesmarie Reveron, and Cheyenne Wright were the lucky ones who were chosen as the group’s representatives. Before the concert, they were escorted into Ms. LaBelle’s trailer, where she was having her make-up applied. The girls boldly asked if they could have their make-up done. Ms. LaBelle told them they were naturally beautiful and they didn't need any make up. They then read their speech and presented Ms. LaBelle with an award for being the “Ultimate Diva.” Ms. LaBelle was very impressed and was touched that the girls looked up to her.

After the presentation the girls got to meet Ms. LaBelle's son, Hal Jackson and Dr. Bob Lee from WBLS radio station. They ate red velvet cupcakes from the famous “Cake Man” Raven, and were escorted to a private area right in front of the stage. The girls had fun taking pictures, dancing, and waving to Ms. LaBelle during the concert. Throughout the night, Cheyenne said she wants to be just like her and Jesmarie said, “Wow, she really is a Diva.” The girls were thrilled that they met her and agreed that the best part was when they used Ms. LaBelle's bathroom in her trailer.

Written by Adrienne Meryl and Nikki Davis


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