Kaiser Park

Parks Announces The Completion Of $3.22 Million State-of-the-art Track & Field Reconstruction Project In Coney Island

Wednesday, March 22, 2006
No. 14

Brooklyn Borough Commissioner Julius Spiegel today joined Council Member Domenic Recchia and the Mark Twain Junior High School athletes at the state-of-the-art Kaiser Park to announce the completion of it’s $3.22 million reconstruction project. The Park, which received a new, 400-meter Mondo-surface track with a synthetic turf infield through this reconstruction project, was funded entirely through allocations by Council Member Recchia.

"Kaiser Park now boasts sports facilities that are second to none. Areas residents, athletes, and the students of the Mark Twain school can train to be future champions or just cultivate a lifetime habit of fitness and health," said Parks & Recreation Commissioner Adrian Benepe. "It is a pleasure to work with Councilmember Recchia, who funded this work because he understands the valuable role of parks to communities and the public health benefits of topnotch sports facilities."

The synthetic turf infield was designed for both soccer and football, while the existing baseball fields were regraded and repositioned, creating more space for recreation and athletics within the Park. New backstops and bleachers were also added to the ballfields.

The Mondo surfacing replaces the track’s original cinder track, which fell victim to disuse over the years. Mondo surfacing is among the best rubberized surfaces available in the running world. To compliment this state-of-the-art track and field, Parks has also provided equipment for the high jump, steeplechase, water jump, long jump/triple jump, pole vault, discus and shot put, allowing Mark Twain Junior High School to host complete competitive track and field meets. A small dune-shaped berm was installed in the northwest corner of the park that will be planted with tall native grasses, shrubs and trees later in the spring in an effort to resolve the problem of sand blowing on to the courts from the beach.

There will also be a second phase of reconstruction in Kaiser Park, which will include field house renovations and installation of recreational lighting for the synthetic turf field. Both components of Phase II are anticipated to begin in late 2006.

The 26 acres of Kaiser Park features a variety of recreational features, including a fishing pier, handball, basketball and tennis courts, the track and field complex, and prime locations for bird-migration viewing. Kaiser Park is also the home of Mark Twain Junior High School (P.S. 239), which is nestled just inside its perimeter.


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