Juniper Valley Park


Due to the coronavirus outbreak, all City playgrounds are closed until further notice.

List of Playgrounds

NameLocationAccessibleLevelAdaptive Swing
Juniper North Playground Tennis80TH ST, JUNIPER BLVD S, 77TH PLACE, JUNIPER BLVD N, 78TH STAccessible4N
Juniper South Playground72 ST, 74ST, JUNIPER BLVD SOUTHAccessible3Y

Remember to follow the rules and Play it Safe!

Accessibililty Level Definitions
Level 1: Playgrounds for All Children
Level 2: Accessible Playgrounds with Ramped Play Equipment and Universally Accessible Swings
Level 3: Accessible Playgrounds with Universally Accessible Swings
Level 4: Accessible Playgrounds with Transfer Platforms and Ground Level Play Features

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Directions to Juniper Valley Park

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