Jamaica Bay and the Rockaways

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Jamaica Bay is an 18,000-acre wetland estuary surrounded by the Rockaway Peninsula to the South, Brooklyn to the West, and Queens to the East, and includes approximately 10,000 acres of parkland managed by the National Park Service and NYC Parks as an urban national park. Comprising an area almost equal to the size of Manhattan, the bay consists of numerous islands, a labyrinth of waterways, meadowlands, and two freshwater ponds. The wetlands provide a unique environment for both wildlife preservation and urban recreation. Enclosed by the Rockaway Peninsula and protected from the Atlantic Ocean, the region currently hosts over 325 species of birds, 50 species of butterflies, and 100 species of finfish. A favorite stop for migratory waterfowl, the area is an integral part of the larger, regional ecosystem.

Rockaway Beach Restoration

After Hurricane Sandy, more than $140 million was invested to repair and restore Rockaway Beach. However, even with a successful beach season and better protected peninsula, the recovery of Rockaway Beach is only beginning. We are now working with the Rockaway community, NYC Economic Development Corporation (EDC) and US Army Corps of Engineers on a second phase of improvements – providing more long-term protection for Rockaway, constructing a new boardwalk, and developing a conceptual plan for further improvements to the area’s parks and facilities. Visit the Rockaway Beach Restoration page for more information about this project.


A New Partnership with the National Park Service

On July 17, 2012, the City of New York, the U.S. Department of the Interior, and the National Park Service signed an unprecedented agreement to cooperatively manage Jamaica Bay’s 10,000 acres of federal and City-owned public parkland. Under the agreement, City and federal agencies will jointly promote visitation, recreation, education programs, and scientific research, creating a new “jewel in the crown” of the national and City park systems.This innovative partnership will better connect surrounding communities to the natural beauty and history of Jamaica Bay. Visit our Jamaica Bay - Rockaway Parks partnership page for more information.

Boundary of the Combined Park

View this map to learn more about the open space and facilities that are included in the new Jamaica Bay Park partnership.

Jamaica Bay and the Rockaways comprises multiple National Park Service properties, contained in NPS' Jamaica Bay Unit . View the list of NPS properties in Jamaica Bay and Rockaway.

NPS Properties in Jamaica Bay and Rockaway

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Jamaica Bay and the Rockaways comprises more than one NYC Parks property. To find out more information about an individual property, please choose from the following list of NYC Parks properties in Jamaica Bay and the Rockaways.


Fall Birding and Canoe Excursion

Few experiences compare with being on the open water in New York City. Our trained Urban Park Rangers will lead you on...

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Nature Centers
The Salt Marsh Nature Center

The Salt Marsh Nature Center is currently closed for construction. Please visit our Capital Project Tracker for more information.

Partner Organization

Jamaica Bay-Rockaway Parks Conservancy

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