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The Daily Plant : Wednesday, January 21, 2009

"Street Games" Receives Award For Best Special Event At Best Of Parks

Photo by Daniel Avila

In 2008, the Best Special Event at Best of Parks went to the Street Games day at Jackie Robinson Park. Before the days of video games, X boxes and X-sports, on-line chat rooms, and DVR, children went outside to streets and parks where they developed their own games, sports and playing culture. Instead of high priced electronics, they used low price sticks, balls, and art supplies.

On Saturday, April 26th Parks returned us to yesteryear when games like Skully, Lemon Twist, Stick Ball, and Box Ball ruled the day. Kids and their parents arrived from all over New York City to take part in these games, bringing pogo sticks back to life, asphalt into vogue, and enjoying various music and dance performances from the “old-school”.

Street Games featured a demonstration by the Emperors Stickball League, while the Pepper-Steppers double-dutch team also performed. MC Squared provided a beat box presentation, making hip-hop beats with nothing but his mouth and a microphone. D.E.Y., the James Brown Tribute band, and Tony Wilson also performed music and entertainment straight out of the 70’s.

Street Games was made possible by the hard work and planning of several divisions, including Citywide Marketing & Special Events, Manhattan Recreation, and PEP.


“Millions saw the apple fall, but Newton was the one who asked why.”

Bernard Baruch
(1870 – 1965)

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