Inwood Hill Park


Emerson Playground

This playground is named for Emerson Street, a westward extension of 207th Street, which once curved into a semi-circle and connected to Isham Street. It was largely… Read More

Fort Cockhill

In the summer and fall of 1776, New York was the primary battlefield of the war for America's independence. At stake were the City's strategic harbor and inland… Read More

Glaciers in New York City - Inwood Hill Park

Inwood Hill Park now contains the last natural forest and salt marsh in Manhattan, but the land once lay beneath a huge sheet of moving ice. The most recent ice age began… Read More

Indian Road Playground

This playground takes its name from the road that bounds it to the north. Formerly known as Isham Avenue to honor local landowner William B. Isham, Indian Road earned its… Read More

Inwood Hill Park - Fordham Gneiss in New York City

Fordham gneiss, one of the oldest rock formations in the world, can be seen from Inwood Hill Park by looking across Spuyten Duyvil Creek. Named for the Bronx neighborhood… Read More

Inwood Hill Park - Salt Marshes in New York City Parks

Salt marshes play a critical role in the support of human life, acting as natural filtration systems by trapping pollutants that would otherwise contaminate our bays and… Read More

Ken De Groat Ballfield

This baseball diamond bears the name of dedicated Inwood Little League coach, Ken De Groat (1942-1991). De Groat became involved with the little league when his daughter… Read More

Payson Playground

George Shipman Payson (1845-1923), the son of a minister, was born in Harpersfield, New York.  Two years after graduating from Yale University in 1862, Payson began… Read More

Spuyten Duyvil Creek

There has been much speculation concerning the origin of the name “Spuyten Duyvil.” Dutch in origin, Spuyten Duyvil can be translated in two ways, depending… Read More

Directions to Inwood Hill Park

Know Before You Go

There are currently 5 service interruptions affecting access within this park.

Nature CentersInwood Hill Nature Center

Due to the effects of Hurricane Sandy, this facility is closed until further notice. Please follow this project on our Capital Project Tracker for updates. To reach our Urban Park Rangers at Inwood Hill Park, please call (212) 304-2277.

ParkInwood Hill Park

A Rabid Raccoon Warning has been issued for Inwood Hill Park. Please visit our Raccoon Advisory page for more information.

MarinasDyckman Street

Transient and seasonal moorings will not be available for the 2020 season.

MarinasDyckman Street

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, there are service changes at this marina. Marinas, boatyards, and boat launches are open for personal use of vessels only. Group activities, social gatherings, vessel charters, and rentals are prohibited. Vessel servicing, fueling, and pumpout stations are open. Please maintain strict social distancing of at least six feet and clean and sanitize your vessels after each use. Also, transient and seasonal moorings will not be available for the 2020 season.

Kayak/Canoe Launch SitesMuscota Marsh

The East Dock at Muscota Marsh is temporarily closed for repairs. As an alternative, please use the boat launch at Inwood Hill Park or at Sherman Creek.
Anticipated Completion: Summer 2021

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