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The Daily Plant : Thursday, November 13, 2014

Urban Park Rangers Present An Experience To Travel Back In Time And Live Off The Land

Photo by Malcolm Pinckney

In the forested trails of Inwood Hill Park be transported to the time to experience what it meant to live off of the land at a time when Lenape lived in the area. Falling within Native American Heritage month, the Urban Park Rangers will lead an interactive outdoor program on Saturday, November 15th called Lenape Thanksgiving.

While enjoying the crisp fall air and beauty of Inwood Hill Park, Rangers will discuss Lenape culture and the resources they depended on.

While the Lenape did not celebrate a thanksgiving in the way we do today, they had different types of ceremonies and gatherings to honor such events as the coming seasons, successful hunts, family milestones and more. There was a culture of gratitude within Lenape culture by giving thanks continuously to the earth for the resources and food which was acquired.

Evidence of Lenape’s residing in the area of Inwood Hill Park exist even today where a visible cave was once utilized for shelter. The cave was shelter from severe weather and due to its constant temperature within, was also a place to store food.

Trade brought interactions between the Lenape and settlers of New York. After the infamous sale of Manhattan to the Dutch, trade continued with the Lenape. Animal pelts being the biggest trade items. Because of high demand, the beaver were practically hunted to extinction. Only until recently have a very small number of beavers been sighted in New York City, particularly on the Bronx River.

From learning about Lenape daily customs, knowledge of the forest, to being able to sample forest-sourced items which were staples of a Lenape diet, this program can instill an appreciation for living close to the land.

Although Lenape do not live in the area of Inwood Hill as they once did, Lenape as well as a diversity of Native Americans live across the city today. Each summer, large events like Drums Along the Hudson in Inwood Hill, the Queens County Pow Wow and the Gateway to Nations Pow Wow at Floyd Bennett Field bring Native Americans and all people to celebrate the culture and heritage of Native America.

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-Submitted by Sabirah Abdus-Sabur, NYC Parks Press Officer


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