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Highbridge Park


Adventure Playground

Adventure playgrounds emerged from movements in 1960s Europe that worked to reclaim derelict urban spaces, many caused by the devastation of World War II. Filled with… Read More

Coogan's Bluff

Coogan’s Bluff, a large cliff extending northward from 155th Street in Manhattan, once was the site of the fabled Polo Grounds, the home of the New York Giants… Read More

Dyckman Sitting Area

Jan Dyckman, a shoemaker and patriarch of the Dyckman family in America, emigrated from Holland in the mid-1600s. Dyckman, along with fellow Dutchman Jan Nagel, purchased… Read More

Fort George Playground

This playground is named for an American Revolutionary era fortification, Fort George, from which American Revolution War soldiers held the British at bay following the… Read More

Highbridge Park

Highbridge Park derives its name from New York City’s oldest standing bridge, the High Bridge (1848), which was built to carry the Old Croton Aqueduct over the… Read More

Highbridge Pool and Recreation Center

For outdoor pool details, including hours and rules, please visit our Free Outdoor Pools page . The Highbridge Pool and Recreation Center were built in 1936. The… Read More

Quisqueya Playground

This playground’s name honors the large Dominican American community of the surrounding Washington Heights neighborhood. Quisqueya, meaning “cradle of… Read More

Raoul Wallenberg Playground

Raoul Gustav Wallenberg (1912-?) grew up in one of Sweden’s wealthiest and most prominent families. Fluent in English, French, and German, Raoul would put these… Read More

Sugar Hill Luminaries Lawn

The rocky escarpment overlooking Harlem Valley forms the spine of northern Manhattan.  Perched on this rise is the neighborhood of Sugar Hill, a part of Harlem that… Read More

Directions to Highbridge Park

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