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Named after the High Bridge, the city's oldest standing bridge, Highbridge Park was assembled piecemeal between 1867 and the 1960s, with the bulk being acquired through condemnation from 1895 to 1901.

Although widely known for its important landmarks, the Highbridge tower and formerly mentioned bridge, the park offers natural beauty and recreational fun that serve as reason enough to visit. The park boasts the city’s first mountain biking course and a world class skate park. Open vistas and an unusual geologic makeup greet visitors who stroll the pathways north and south through the park, while pedestrians and waterside cyclists on the greenways cherish its magnificent cliffs and large rock outcroppings. The Highbridge Recreation Center and Pool have kept active New Yorkers busy since 1936, and several playgrounds and ballfields have been constructed throughout the park over the last century.

Highbridge Park is also home to a variety of native and exotic forests, and include northern red oaks, hickory, sweetgum, and tulip trees, as well as Indigenous black cherry, sassafras and hackberry trees, Virginia creeper, blackberry, raspberry, grape, and sumacs.

The re-discovery of dusky salamander, a city-rare species back in the park, a white-footed mouse which genetically evolved into a type unique to Highbridge Park, as well as the abundant presence of hawks, many kinds of birds, and snakes, illustrate the essential ecological value of the park.

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Learn More About the Long Term Plan for Highbridge Park

Through our Anchor Parks initiative, NYC Parks is investing $150 million in five large neighborhood parks across the city, including Highbridge Park. Review and download the presentations from our most recent community meeting.

Download the plan for Phase 1 of Highbridge Park construction, located between Laurel Hill Terrace/Amsterdam Avenue and Harlem River Drive.

Download the Master Plan for Highbridge Park.

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Know Before You Go

ParkHighbridge Park

As a part of our Anchor Parks initiative, reconstruction of Highbridge Park is now underway. This project will reinstate access to a 10-block stretch of the park, improve connectivity and pathways, and restore the historic Grand Staircase at Laurel Hill Terrace. The project will also improve safety and security with new park lighting, and improve ADA access. Follow this project on the Parks Capital Tracker for updates.

Anticipated Completion: Summer 2020

ParkHighbridge Park

The Highbridge Park Water Tower is currently closed and undergoing reconstruction. Follow this project on the Parks Capital Tracker for updates.

Anticipated Completion: Spring 2021

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