Henry Hudson Park

Palisade Av, Kappock St, Independence A


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This relatively small patch of land packs a punch with its own store of history, nature, and athletics.  Named for explorer and navigator Henry Hudson, the park's prominent monument pays tribute to the man who dropped anchor in New York Harbor in 1609.

Other remaining relics of the past consists of trees that predate the park's acquisition, namely a cooper beach and large hackberry trees.  Dozens of additional, slightly younger, tree varieties are dispersed throughout the park, including sweetgum, red oak, white pine, and maples.

Although its northern portion contains a popular playground, the park's southern portion is known as the recreational half, providing basketball courts, a baseball diamond, handball courts, and more playgrounds.

Follow in Henry Hudson's footsteps.  Journey to the park, choose a trail, and start your own explorations today!

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It's My Park at Henry Hudson Park

This It's My Park season, volunteer with Stewards of Henry Hudson Park to weed, rake, mulch, and more to maintain...


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