Havemeyer Playground

N/B Cross Bronx Exwy Service Rd, Watson Av, Havemeyer Ave


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This playground is named for the Havemeyers, an influential 19th century family of businessmen and politicians. In 1644, Hermann Hoevemeyer was recognized in Germany as the organizer of the first baker’s guild. In 1799, descendant Wilhelm Hoevemeyer immigrated to the United States and entered the sugar industry, followed by the rest of his family. By the time his grandsons inherited the business, the now-“Havemeyer” family’s sugar refineries were located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, where the family was locally referred to as the “Sugar Kings.” William Frederick Havemeyer was elected Mayor of New York in 1845 and 1848. William Havemeyer’s grandsons, Theodore and Henry Havemeyer, continued the family’s legacy and monopolized the sugar industry until the family’s stranglehold on the sugar business gradually declined.

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