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The Daily Plant : Monday, April 8, 2002


The following individuals are among the ten awarded Employee of the Month for March on Monday, April 1. This was the first Employee of the Month Awards for Commissioner Benepe.

Franklin G. Girton is the Bronx’s Employee of the Month for March. Frank joined Parks in 1996 and is a City Park Worker. After working in the garage, Girton now works in the Bronx M&O Storehouse where he helps monitor over 157,000 items and $350,000 in inventory. Frank distributes supplies, tracks inventory using SMS, and makes sure the shop is clean. In the last year, Frank has played an important role in turning around storehouse operations. Our random inspections of inventory are now turning out 95% correct, in contrast to the ratings last year which were under 50%. Frank has also learned the SMS computer system and tightened distribution procedures. Organized and responsible, Frank is minding the store in the Bronx. He was nominated by SPMO Maria Febus.

Alfred J. Simoncini is Brooklyn’s Employee of the Month for March. Al joined Parks exactly 17 years ago, as a sheet metal worker. In 1994, he was promoted to Supervisor of Mechanics and oversees all technical services in Brooklyn, including a staff of 40 skilled trades-workers. They help maintain over 450 properties including pools, recreation centers, comfort stations, and offices. Over the past year, Al has reduced the turnaround time for work orders from 16 days in March 2001 to under 9 days in March 2002. Al is also a creative problem solver including adapting play equipment to meet new safety standards, and replicating historic parts which are no longer in production. Responsible and skilled, Al is helping to keep Brooklyn’s facilities and structures in tip-top condition. He was nominated by Borough Commissioner Julius Spiegel and Chief of Operations Nancy Barthold.

Vincent Pullo is Capital Projects’ Employee of the Month for March. Vincent graduated from Brooklyn Law School and joined Parks last year and works as Assistant Counsel in Management Services at Capital, where he drafts and reviews contracts for projects citywide. Vincent researches and resolves contract issues that may arise during any contract stage including design, bid or construction. Working closely with the New York City Law Department and the City Comptroller’s office, Vincent fights through bureaucracy so that we can keep our playgrounds and greenspaces safe and inviting. Enthusiastic and bright, Vincent was nominated by Chief of Management Services Mary Pazan and Counsel for Capital Management, Maurice Dobson.

Lofton Johnson is Citywide Services’ Employee of the Month for March. Lofton joined Parks with the first class of PACT in 1994. In 1995 he was hired as a clerical associate in Commissioner Linn’s Office and now works at 5-Boro. Lofton prepares the "vehicle out of service" report everyday this is critical to monitoring and improving vehicle repair performance. In the last year, Lofton has also assumed responsibility for tracking over 250,000 vehicle trip tickets collected from Parkies agency-wide. Thanks to his efforts, we can now for the first time prepare citywide reports on trip ticket compliance. Organized and constantly working at his computer, Lofton has played an enormous role in making improvements at 5-Boro. He was nominated by Chief of Operations Keith Kerman.

Iyana Y. Titus is Management’s Employee of the Month for March. Iyana graduated from Loyola Law School in 1999 and joined Parks in 2000. She currently works as a lawyer in the Equal Employment Opportunity Office, where she investigates EEO claims, trains employees and managers in EEO policies, and participates in interview panels. Iyana keeps employees aware of their employment rights and obligations in a clear and timely manner, and helps ensure that Parks is an agency with growth opportunities for all. She stays apprised of ever changing employment discrimination case law, and also works on special projects relating to personnel and legal issues. Personable and sharp, Iyana was nominated by Assistant to the Commissioner Lesley Webster.


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(Monday, April 17, 1989)


Central Park Conservancy Chairman James H. Evans, Campaign Chairman Henry R. Kravis and Honorary Campaign Chairman Laurance S. Rockefeller presented a $35 million check to Mayor Koch last Wednesday. The trustees announced a $50 million fundraising campaign to restore and preserve the park, including Grand Army Plaza, the Mall, Literary Walk and the Harlem Meer.

Kravis noted that $28 million will go toward preserving the park’s original landscape, $10 million for historic restoration and monument preservation, $8 million for recreation, education and visitor services and $4 million for planning, research and administration. The campaign will also provide support for yearly operations and capital improvements, along with a $10 million endowment to establish a permanent fund to support the park.


"The Lord made Adam, the Lord made Eve,

he made ‘em both a little bit naïve."

Yip Harburg

(b. April 8, 1896-1981)


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