Friends Field

Ave. L, E. 4 St., Mcdonald Ave., Ave. M


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This park is named for the Society of Friends who once owned the land. In 1921, the Society of Friends, a Christian denomination also known as the Quakers, purchased this property to provide athletic facilities for students of Quaker schools in the New York area. Fifty years later the Society discontinued use of the athletic fields and offered the parcel for sale. 

NYC Parks purchased the land on Jan. 17, 1973, and in the following month, other sections of the property were acquired through condemnation. The committee that formed to save the park became the Friends Field Advisory Board and worked with NYC Parks to develop this site. Adjacent to the High School for Service and Learning at Erasmus athletic fields, this park features expansive lawns, a field house, tennis courts, fenced baseball diamonds, and bleachers. In 2006, NYC Parks completed a capital project installing the park’s first playground, specially designed for toddlers.

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